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Kennel Bookstore is located in the heart of the Fresno State campus, next to the clock tower and memorial fountain.

California State University, Fresno Association, Inc.
 Kennel Bookstore is an operating unit within the California State University, Fresno Association, Inc. (Association).  The Association is comprised of the following operating units: Kennel Bookstore, Student Recreation Center, University Dining Services, University Courtyard (Housing), University Student Union and the Save Mart Center. The Association also provides management, accounting management, information services and legal services to other campus auxiliary organizations including the Fresno State Foundation, the Agricultural Foundation, Associated Students, Fresno State Programs for Children, and the Maddy Institute.  

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The mission of Kennel Bookstore is to meet the academic needs of students, faculty, and staff by providing textbooks, reference books, personal computers, software, apparel, photocopying, school supplies, and other retail convenience items.  Kennel Bookstore is required to be self-supporting and to have adequate reserves to meet future capital repair needs.

Any annual net surplus generated by Kennel Bookstore is transferred to a Board designated restricted reserve for future reinvestment back into the commercial operations that serve the campus community. The Association has a Board of Directors, of which three (3) of the voting members are Fresno State students, including the Associated Students President.  If anyone has any questions or would like more information about Kennel Bookstore, please contact Bookstore Director Curt Parkinson at:

California State Student Association (CSSA) Resolution on Affordable Textbook Strategies:
In 2008, CSSA created a Resolution on Affordable Textbook Strategies.  They were:

Resolution One:  Gross Margin Reduction from 29% to 25%.
Response: Kennel Bookstore has a 24% margin on new textbooks which is below the CSSA recommendation. This margin is one of the lowest in the California State and University of California system.

Resolution Two:  Adopt Customer Course Materials for certain subjects (English, Math, Science).
Response: Although the faculty determines what textbook is adopted for their classroom, Kennel sends out to professors once a semester materials that encourage the faculty to consider pricing, using the old edition (so students can get more money at buyback, and also save 25% or more of new when purchasing used), and other considerations.

UPDATE 2015: Kennel Bookstore continues to lower the cost of materials through various partnerships and pricing platforms.  Bookstore personnel continue to have discussions with publishers and those partners who have a vested interest in reducing costs by providing book sourcing alternatives, software design to enhance efficiency, and lower cost materials to improve affordability and learning outcomes.

Resolution Three:  Textbook Rental at a cost of 45% - 65% off of standard textbooks prices.
Response: Kennel Bookstore initiated a textbook rental program beginning in Fall 2008.  Only 6 of the 23 CSU Bookstores had a rental program at that time.  Rental pricing represents a 62% discount off the standard textbook pricing, giving the student the largest discount and thus saving them the most money.  More rental titles will be added each academic year.

UPDATE 2015: We currently rent from off-the-shelf (available at Kennel Bookstore) over 1200 titles. Over 2 million dollars have been saved by Fresno State students.

Resolution Four:  Increase Used Book Ratios.
Response: Kennel Bookstore continues to acquire as many used textbooks as possible through multiple sourcing platforms. 

Resolution Five:  Digital Course Materials

UPDATE 2015: With the addition of the campus DISCOVERe program, the interest in digital course materials has substantially increased.  Enrollment will grow from 1500 students in Fall 2014 to an estimated 5000 students in Fall 2015 for DISCOVERe courses.  The need for more digital materials is rising.  We continue to be a strong partner in the CSU Chancellor's Office Initiative and CSU on-campus Affordable Learning programs.  We have also increased our ability to access digital course materials through our vendor partnerships with Red Shelf and CourseSmart/VitalSource.