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iClicker Transition FAQ

Beginning Fall semester 2017, Fresno State will transition to the iClicker 2 with REEF Polling Access.
The following FAQ is provided for your information about the transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning Fall 2017, Fresno State will transition to the iClicker 2 w/ REEF Polling Access. REEF allows students to use online apps instead of iClickers. The campus has decided to support the iClicker cloud instructor software because it is more secure and offers instructors more options for utilizing polling and quizzing in their classrooms. The cloud instructor software still works with physical remotes. Because there are additional question types instructors using the cloud software can utilize, and the iClicker+ remote only allows for multiple choice, the campus decided to transition to the iClicker 2 remote, which allows students and instructors the largest variety of polling questions types. In addition, we have seen a growing interest in mobile polling systems on campus, so the campus is also now supporting iClicker's mobile polling app, iClicker REEF. REEF can be used alongside physical iClicker remotes, as part of a fully mobile classroom solution, and instructors can still have students use 100% hardware if they wish. This decision allows instructors at Fresno State to utilize polling in the way that works best for them and their students at the best cost to students.

Not necessarily. If you are enrolled in courses that does not use REEF polling, but requires an iClicker, you can still use the iClicker+ in those courses.

If you are enrolled in courses that uses REEF polling, you have two options available to you if you already have an iClicker +.

You may continue to use your iClicker + but will need to purchase a one (1) year REEF access code available at Kennel Bookstore. The cost for this access is $19.00.

You may purchase the new iClicker 2 that comes with a five (5) year REEF access at Kennel Bookstore. In addition, if you bring in your old iClicker (in working condition) the Bookstore will give you a $10.00 rebate at the time of purchase to offset the cost of $53.75

Kennel Bookstore will only be stocking the iClicker 2 beginning Fall 2017. All iClicker 2 units come with a five (5) year REEF access so if you enroll in a REEF supported course in future semesters, you will already have access to REEF capabilities.

Yes. Your access is good for five (5) years. Registering the product now will insure that REEF is available to you in future semesters if you enroll in a REEF course.

Contact Kennel Bookstore at (559) 278-4062 or the Kennel Course Materials Department at (559) 278-4278.