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Course Materials : Price Match Guarantee
Price Match Guarantee
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Our price match guarantee assures our customers the lowest price on new and used textbooks for the current semester. Purchase your new or used textbook from Kennel Bookstore, and if you find a lower price at a qualifying competitor fill out our Lowest Price Guarantee Form and submit it with your original receipt to Kennel Bookstore within 7 days of purchase. If your textbooks are sold at a qualifying bookstore or online book company for less we will refund you the difference plus 10%.

  • Textbooks must be purchased from Kennel Bookstore and be accompanied by an original receipt.

  • Bring your original receipt to Kennel Bookstore along with the price match guarantee form.

  • For online price matching, bring verification of the lower price, such as a printout of a shopping cart, date within 7 days of purchase.

  • All efforts will be made to verify the alternate selling price as quickly and efficiently as possible. A grace period of up to 72 hours may apply.


- (NEW Only). - Seller information must state "".

- (NEW Only) - Seller information must state "".

  • Local brick & mortar (Sequoia Textbooks, FCC Bookstore, University Bookstore)

  • Publisher websites




  • Guarantee applies only to textbooks, in stock, from Kennel Bookstore

  • Limit one refund guarantee per customer per textbook with the same ISBN

  • Applies to required and recommended textbooks only

  • Applies to same ISBN, author, title, edition and condition only

  • International editions, instructor copies and digital versions are excluded

  • Rented textbooks are excluded

  • Class or lecture notes are excluded

  • Textbooks must be in-stock and immediately available for purchase and/or shipping from a local or online commercial retailer

  • Applicable sales tax and/or shipping costs will be included when calculating total cost

  • Guarantee does not include incidental sources of books, such as flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, going-out-of-business sales, or any other aftermarket sources

  • Offer does not apply to special promotional pricing from other sources, such as mail-in offers, rebates, free-with-purchase offers, membership or club pricing, limited quantity offers, bundled promotions, or special financing

  • Customer has seven (7) days from date of purchase on the receipt to apply for the guarantee

  • For Kennel bookstore online textbook orders, customer has seven (7) days from date of pick-up or delivery

  • Refund difference will be applied to the original form of payment used (credit card, gift card, cash, etc)

  • Kennel Bookstore reserves the right to change the details of this offer at anytime

  • Additional 10% applies to the rebated amount