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Affordable Learning Solutions - Kennel Bookstore

Affordable Learning Solutions

The Kennel Bookstore offers Fresno State students a range of options for acquiring textbooks and course materials they need to learn and succeed in class.

Affordable learning solutions is a campus-wide initiative to lower the cost of education for Fresno State students. Kennel Bookstore is a proud partner, focused on finding alternatives that assist in lowering the cost of textbooks and course materials. Vang Vang, Instructional Technology Librarian and member of the Affordable Learning Solutions committee supports the Kennel Bookstore's partnership.

" The Kennel Bookstore's willingness to help faculty find and use alternative materials to help students save money is unmeasurable. I could not imagine the Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) initiative working without the Bookstore's support and collaboration."

-Vang Vang
Instructional Technology Librarian - Fresno State

The Affordable Learning Solutions committee has brought together the entire campus including the library, TILT/CSALT, SSD, and others to help faculty discover and use lower or no cost digital, open source, or open access materials. But even if you still need to use traditional print textbooks for your courses, we can still help you evaluate what will be the most affordable for our students.

The Kennel Bookstore offers many options:

  • New and Used Books
  • Rental Books
  • Customized Books
  • Digital Books, including CSU Rent Digital, CourseSmart/VitalSource, and CengageBrain
  • Alternate Bindings and Print Versions


Custom Publishing on Campus

Kennel Copy Center
Located on the lower level of the bookstore, the Copy Center offers another option for faculty who would like to create a custom course packet for their class in print format. The copy center will take care of obtaining the authorized permission and copyright clearances. for more information, please contact the copy center at 278-3945.



Digital Textbooks and Courseware Kennel Bookstore clearly identifies digital textbooks and courseware options, both in the store and on our website, to ensure our students have choices. For CengageBrain, CourseSmart/VitalSource, and CSU Rent Digital files, we provide a link from our store website course listing to the appropriate vendor. These options save our students up to 60% on their purchases.

Used Books

Used books account for about 5% of our total textbooks sales and rentals. Used book purchases typically save students at least 25% vs. new. Depending on the buyback value at the end of the semester, the total net cost of purchasing a used book may end up saving 25 - 40% of the new book price.

A used book from out store saves students the most compared to a new book, so providing as many copies as possible remains crucial to textbook affordability and the ongoing success of our rental program. Used book availability depends on getting textbook adoptions turned in on time.

Rental Textbooks

Since debuting our rental program over five years ago, rental books have saved our students hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our rental textbooks save students 30-70% compared to purchasing a new book. Take a look at the chart below to see the savings Fresno State students have received over the years!

Alternate Formats and Customization

Several publishers offer "value" versions of their texts. These can be up to 70% less than the full color hardback text marketed nationally. We encourage faculty to adopt value textbooks when appropriate.

Even when a standard textbook is adopted, many are now offered in less expensive alternatives. Loose-leaf or "binder ready" formats retain the exact same content and pagination, but cost students 20 - 30% less than the bound version. When available, we will carry the loose-leaf version in addition to the standard version to give students the option.

Another affordable option we encourage faculty to consider is customizing published texts to us just the material covered in the course. Depending on the agreement with the publisher, this can reduce textbook costs 30% or more. We may even buyback custom books and sell used copies if they are readopted and in sale-able condition.