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Welcome to Kennel Bookstore's online textbook store. Thank you for shopping with us for all of your back to school needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your buying decisions.

Our booklist is as up-to-date as we can make it. However, it is possible that some changes will take place between the time you gather your information, and the time classes begin. All purchases made at Kennel Bookstore are returnable through the end of the first week of class. Click Here for Full Return Policy. If something changes, you are covered!

Our online store price compares the online marketplace! You can feel confident that we are doing everything we can to help lower the cost of course materials for you. Look for the comparison box on the right hand of the ordering screen to see what's available. Please note that not all course materials will have price comparison options, as in the case with custom books, newer editions, or specialty items.

We cannot guarantee that other online retailers will have exactly what you need for class or offer return policies that align with Kennel Bookstore. We caution you to wait until your professor confirms the book before ordering from someone else!


Ordering your course materials online from Kennel Bookstore gives students a peace of mind and is made very simple. Before you start, review the common terms you will see when gathering information about your course materials. Pay special attention to any notes that have been entered at the top of the page. Should you need further assistance, please contact us at 559 278-7696 or email us at


Required - The professor has indicated this book is needed for this course.

Recommended - The professor has indicated this course material is highly useful for this course.

A La Carte - Students may not need to purchase a copy of the textbooks because they may already have a copy of it, so we offer the other required pieces for sale separately. If you are choosing to purchase the bundle, you do not need the A LA CARTE item.

Choose Between - The professor has indicated that you have a choice between 2 or more course materials. This could be different in format (Loose-Leaf versus bound) or there could be slight differences between the choices. Choose only one.

Choose One - Students can choose between a paperback and a hardcover, or between a bound textbook and a loose-leaf textbook. These books are not bundled with any additional materials; the difference is in the binding and the price. The choice might be between a textbook by itself and a textbook bundle, but only if the additional pieces in the bundles are not required for the class. And finally, there may be several books that the professor has selected. The student is required to have only one of these titles (not all of them).

Bundle Options - BUNDLE #1 OPTION or BUNDLE #2 OPTION - Students can choose between several options. These are usually either a bound textbook packaged with other materials versus a loose-leaf textbook packaged with the same materials. The difference is in the binding of the book and the price of the option. All other materials are the same. There may also be a choice between a Volume 1 Bundle and a Combined (volumes 1 & 2) Bundle. Students would choose the Volume 1 Bundle if they only plan to attend one semester of the class or the Combined Bundle if they plan to attend more than one semester.