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Kennel Bookstore will match any competitors "buyback" price for any textbooks that we will be using for next semester*. Help lower prices on course materials by selling your textbooks to Kennel Bookstore. and receive "top dollar" from us*!! If you find a higher price that is being offered from another competitor just show us and we will match it. Get your cash instantly - no shipping and waiting for your money.

*Offer is only good for textbooks that are being bought back to be used for the next semester in the store. Offer does not apply to "wholesale" textbooks, books not being resold in our store for next semester. Keep the money on campus. Kennel Bookstore is a non-profit organization and all proceeds go back to the University.

Course Materials Buyback

Kennel Bookstore buys back textbooks. Textbooks that are going to be reused on our campus next semester, and are in good condition, will be bought back at up to 50% of purchase price (some exceptions apply). Current edition textbooks that have not been reordered or are overstocked for our campus for next semester will usually have a buyback value to Used Book Wholesale companies. those prices vary anywhere from 10-40% of the original retail price and are based on a nationwide demand for the book. Old editions, books in poor condition, and books with limited national demand cannot be bought back. A new trend in the textbook publishing industry is packaging together textbooks with other learning materials. This could include a study guide, a workbook, another book, CD-ROM(s), etc. Most of these items can be repacked and resold as used sets. It is a good rule of thumb to save everything in the package in clean condition if you want to sell them at the end of the semester.

All pieces must be in sell-able condition in order for us to buy them back. There are a few items that cannot be resold as used. These are called consumable pieces (meaning that their usefulness has been consumed by the original owner) and include access codes to websites and software as well as workbooks or study guides with written in pages or missing pages. If consumable pieces are required for the class, we may be unable to buyback and resell used sets for our campus. However, individual pieces may have wholesale value.

The value of a used book depends on whether that particular book is going to be assigned by an instructor for the next term. Books that are going to be used on this campus next term generally have a higher value than books that will be sent to wholesalers for resale elsewhere.

If the bookstore receives an order from an instructor that the book will be assigned again next term on this campus, then the store will buy back copies for resale here. Usually the store will be able to pay a higher value for that book, possibly as much as half the purchase price.

If the book is not going to be assigned on this campus next term, the bookstore will check with the wholesale book companies to find out the national market value for the book. Wholesalers buy used books that will be resold for use on other campuses across the country. The national market value, which is set by the wholesalers, not the bookstore, is often a much smaller percentage of the original retail price. That's because the wholesaler must add in the cost of shipping and other normal business expenses to the resale price.

  • Take good care of your books. Damage, heavy wear and tear, or excessive marking can make your books non salable.
  • Don't discard any reusable CDs or other materials that came with the book.
  • Don't wait too long to sell. the end of finals week or the start of the next term may be too late - purchase quotas may have been reached by then.
  • Newer editions are more in demand two or three years old may be on the verge of being replaced by new editions.

You can help us achieve this goal by encouraging your professors to turn in their textbook orders to the bookstore before buyback begins.
Buyback FAQs - Click on a question to find out the answer!

The national market value for a particular book may fluctuate a lot, based on the changing supply and demand for that book nationwide. If your friend recieved a higher value from the store and you got the lower national market value, then it was probably a matter of timing. The store may have already reached its campus quota (based on projected class enrollment for the next term) by the time you brought your book in.

Or, if you sold your copy before your friend, the store may not have received the instructor's book order yet and therefore could only offer the lower national market value at that time. The store cannot buy back books for resale on this campus until the instructor sends in his or her book order for the next term.

There are many reasons why a book might have no buyback value. The store and/or the wholesaler may have reached a preset quota. Possibly the book is not being used anywhere next term or has very weak national demand, particularly if it is highly specialized or customized. The publisher may be replacing the book with a new, updated edition next term. The book may be part of a required package of items that cannot be sold separately. Your copy may not be sell-able if any of the following conditions apply: broken or torn cover, missing or torn pages, excessive highlighting or marking, offensive marks, stains, water damage, or missing CD.

Used books are provided by the bookstore as a less expensive alternative for students. Paying more at buyback means the store would have to raise the retail prices of used books.

The store must add an amount to the price of all merchandise-including used books to help cover the stores normal operating expenses, such as staff wages and benefits; mortgage or rent payments; electricity, heat, water, and air conditioning; insurance and taxes; checkout systems; shelving; security; cleaning and repairs; supplies; and other expenses.

Kennel Bookstore also conducts a daily wholesale only buyback throughout the year at our Customer Service counter.