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Last Day of Deployment is Sept. 4, 2015.


Fresno State's DISCOVERe tablet program will grow to approximately 150 course sections for the Fall 2015 semester that will be offered as tablet only courses. These tablet courses have been designed to offer students an -enhanced learning experience. The tablet will offer students portability, convenience, and teaching materials anywhere anytime. When registering for classes, these courses will be denoted as "tablet required."

"Tablets are a teaching and learning tool that Fresno State will embrace to meet the needs of today's tech-savvy students-those already enrolled and future students from throughout the Valley and state who already are using tablets in K-12 schools." - Joseph I. Castro, President, California State University, Fresno

Required Device

Students enrolled in a DISCOVERe tablet course must have an iPad, Windows or Android tablet that meets the required minimum specifications.

Minimum System requirements for Fresno State DISCOVERe Tablet Program:

  • iOS 7.0+ or newer (iPad 2+ and iPad Mini)
  • Android 4.2+ or better
  • Windows 8.1+ (excluding RT)
  • Front and Rear Facing Web Camera
  • Minimum of 7.9" Screen
  • Minimum 16GB capacity
  • 802.11n Wireless
  • (Must be able to add a mechanical keyboard, headphones)

For additional device recommendations- Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

When using the Class Search:

  1. Locate the Class Type and look for Tablet Course.
  2. Select Detail and look for DISCOVERe Tablet Course- A tablet will be required.
  3. A Pop-Up screen will appear with specific information about the tablet program and an acknowledgement check box.

Yes. Students can use a personally-owned tablet as long as it meets the minimum tablet specifications.
Tablet Specifications -- Click Here

If you are enrolled in a tablet course for the Fall 2015 semester, you automatically qualify for the $500 grant monies unless you purchased a tablet from the Kennel Bookstore from a previous Fall/Spring semester or summer abroad program and used the $500 grant monies. There is no application process to receive this grant, but you must be enrolled in a DISCOVERe tablet course at time of deployment of the tablet devices. Students will be able to select from four (4) pre-approved tablet devices. The grant monies can only be used at the Kennel Bookstore and applied to the cost of the tablet you choose along with an optional one semester data plan, the cost of the extended warranty and ewaste fees.

Yes, tablet purchases are eligible for financial aid coverage under Textbook and Supplies.

Students who purchase their tablet through the Kennel Bookstore are eligible for a one-time DISCOVERe grant of $500 that can be used towards the purchase of the tablet, data plan, ewaste, and extended warranty for Fall 2015. If you purchased a tablet for Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 and used the one-time grant monies towards the purchase, you are not eligible for the grant monies for Fall 2015.

Yes, a two semester payment plan will be offered on devices that exceed a net balance of $250. The following device options will be available for a two semester payment plan: iPad Air w/ MiFi option, iPad Air 2 w/ MiFi option, Microsoft Surface w/ MiFi option.

The data plan is optional but the extended warranty is required.

No. The DISCOVERe grant can only be applied to purchase any of the four (4) approved tablet devices.

  • iPad Air 32GB
  • iPad Air 2 64GB
  • Microsoft Surface 3
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB A
  • Accessories
  • eTextbooks
  • Apps

Tablet devices using the DISCOVERe grant will be available starting on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. We strongly suggest that you make a reservation to reserve your tablet using our reservation link.

If you disenroll from the tablet course the net amount of the $500 grant will be due immediately and such amount will be added to your student account. If you disenroll from the University, you are responsible for the entire balance due including the $500 grant consistent with the terms and conditions of the Tablet Device Agreement.

Tablets purchased using the DISCOVERe Grant through Kennel Bookstore are non-returnable/refundable.

Payment options will only be offered for a net cost over $250. A two semester payment option will be offered on the following devices: iPad Air w/ MiFi, iPad Air 2 w/ MiFi, and Microsoft Surface 3 w/ MiFi. The Kennel Bookstore staff can help you estimate payments prior to making a final purchase decision. However, the estimated semester cost will be affordable depending upon the tablet device selected.

No. The University will add the semester installment amount to your student account. There will be established payment due dates for each semester.

Yes. Fresno State's DISCOVERe tablet program will support platforms for Apple, Androids, and Windows devices. Refer to Minimum Tablet Specifications.

If you purchased one of the four (4) approved tablets with MiFi option from the Kennel Bookstore, a one semester data plan is included with your purchase. These devices are equipped with both Wi-Fi and a MiFi. If you purchase the Wi-Fi tablet alone then you would need an internet connection at home.

Not all classes will have eTextbooks. The Kennel Bookstore will have eTextbooks available if the instructor has requested and the publisher can provide an eTextbook option.

The apps you will be asked to purchase are, in some cases, considered textbook replacements and will vary in price. The apps selected for classroom use will vary upon the academic department and the instructor.

Yes, you can purchase the tablet device of your choice from the Kennel Bookstore even if you are not enrolled in a DISCOVERe tablet class. Prices vary depending on tablet features and manufacturer. However, you will not be eligible for the DISCOVERe grant support or the payment plan option.

If you purchased your tablet through the Kennel Bookstore using the one time DISCOVERe grant, then an extended warranty plan is included. Contact the Kennel Bookstore Tech Center or warranty plan for assistance.

At the current time, there are no options on campus to rent or lease a tablet device.

MiFi is a portable broadband device that allows multiple end users and mobile devices to share a 3G or 4G mobile broadband internet connection. It acts as a mobile hotspot and is able to connect up to 15 nearby WiFi enabled devices to the internet.

Yes, this is recommended to avoid wait times.