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Deployment: Monday, August 13th - Friday, August 31st


Fresno State's DISCOVERe Mobile Technology program will grow to approximately 197 course sections with 131 faculty members for the Fall 2018 semester that will be offered as Mobile Technology only courses. These Mobile Technology courses have been designed to offer students an enhanced learning experience. The Mobile Technology will offer students portability, convenience, and teaching materials anywhere anytime. When registering for classes, these courses will be denoted as "Mobile Technology required."

Loaner Program

Mobile devices (tablets) will be available for DISCOVERe students to rent free of charge on a semester-by-semester basis. This loaner program will be done through the DISCOVERe Hub. A follow-up email with more information will be sent to students who would like to apply for a mobile device (tablet) loaner. Please click here for more information about the mobile device loaner program.

Please note that the grants offered for mobile device(tablet) purchase in previous years are no longer available.


For those students that would like to purchase a mobile device(tablet), the Kennel Bookstore will be offering a two semester payment plan with financing up to $400 for students enrolled in a DISCOVERe course. The student would be required to make a down payment on the day of purchase, make the first payment in Fall 2018 semester, and make the final payment in Spring 2019 semester. Installment charges are posted to the students university portal account.

If you have any questions or concerns about the DISCOVERe program based on your needs as a student with a disability, please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities office at 278.2811.

Students who currently own a Mobile Technology enabled device may bring their own device as long as it meets the current minimum specifications listed below.

Minimum System Requirements for Fresno State DISCOVERe Mobile Technology Program: Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

When using the Class Search:

  1. Locate the Class Type and look for Mobile Technology Course.
  2. Select Detail and look for DISCOVERe Mobile Technology Course- A Mobile Technology enabled will be required.
  3. A Pop-Up screen will appear with specific information about the Mobile Technology program and an acknowledgement check box.

Yes. Students can use a personally-owned device as long as it meets the minimum device specifications.
Device Specifications -- Click Here

No, the university will not be offering a grant for mobile device purchases for the Fall 2018 semester. The university has allocated monies to purchase mobile devices that they will loan for the semester for those students that are enrolled in a DISCOVERe Mobile Technology course. Click Here for more information on the loaner program. The Kennel Bookstore will also be offering mobile devices at a great price with the option of a two semester no interest payment plan. See details under "Is there a payment plan available".

Yes, financial aid dollars can be used for the purchase of a device. The coverage is under Textbook and Supplies.

The bookstore is an authorized Apple Campus Store here to serve the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Apple computers and iPads are available at educational pricing. Revenue generated from the bookstore stays on campus and is reinvested back into facilities and services for our students. The bookstore will also be offering a no interest two semester payment plan for those students enrolled in a DISCOVERe class up to $400 of purchase price.

Yes, if you are enrolled in a DISCOVERe Mobile Technology course for the Fall 2018 semester and you are a Freshman, Sophomore or Junior.

The Kennel Bookstore will finance up to $400 and the remaining balance will need to be paid at the time of purchase.
Seniors and Graduate students with at least two (2) semesters remaining to graduate may also select the two semester payment plan. Non-degree seeking students are not eligible. Students must be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program at Fresno State. A Fresno State I.D. and credit card* are required to participate in the payment plan. In addition, a Mobile Device Agreement will need to be completed at the time of purchase. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must also sign this agreement. University Accounting will add the semester fee to your student account. This fee may be covered by financial aid (textbooks and supplies).


* For students that do not have a credit card, the Kennel Bookstore will accept a parent or legal guardian's credit card. The Fresno State "High One" Card cannot be used, if you have any questions or need assistance regarding this credit security requirement, please contact the Kennel Bookstore directly at 559-279-4062 or

Yes. Apple products can add AppleCare Plus for 2 years of coverage. Microsoft devices can add 2 years of accidental damage coverage through Safeware.

  • iPad 32GB
  • iPad Pro 10.5" 64GB
  • Microsoft Surface Pro

Mobile devices will be available starting on Monday, August 13th. We strongly suggest that you schedule an apppointment to purchase your device using our appointment link. Mobile device deployment will run from Monday, August 13th to Friday August 31st, 2018. If you are in need of purchasing a device, we suggest you attend class first.

If you drop the DISCOVERe course and you selected a 2 semester payment plan, you are still obligated to pay your pre-determined payments on time. If you disenroll from the University, you are responsible for the entire balance due, consistent with the terms and conditions of the Mobile Device Agreement.

Unopened mobile device purchases may be returned for a refund within 14 days of purchase. If the mobile device has been opened (seal broken), no returns are allowed. Defective mobile devices can be exchanged only.

Payment amounts will depend on the mobile device you choose. The bookstore staff can help you estimate payments prior to making a final purchase decision. However the estimated semester cost will be affordable depending upon the mobile device selected.

No. The University will add the semester installment amount to your student account. There will be established payment due dates for each semester.

Yes. Fresno State's DISCOVERe Mobile Technology program will support platforms for Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Refer to Minimum Device Specifications.

If you purchased one of the approved mobile devices with MiFi option from the Kennel Bookstore, a one semester data plan is included with your purchase. There is an additional $200 charge for the data plan and MiFi device. If you purchase a Wi-Fi Only mobile device alone then you would need an internet connection at home.

Not all classes will have eTextbooks. The Kennel Bookstore will have eTextbooks available if the instructor has requested and the publisher can provide an eTextbook option.

The apps you will be asked to purchase are, in some cases, considered textbook replacements and will vary in price. The apps selected for classroom use will vary upon the academic department and the instructor.

Yes, you can purchase the mobile device of your choice from the Kennel Bookstore even if you are not enrolled in a DISCOVERe Mobile Technology class. Prices vary depending on mobile device features and manufacturer. Unfortunately, there is not a payment plan offered for these purchases.

For previous semesters, warranties were required to be purchased based on the grant. With the discontinuation of the grant, warranty purchase is not required but is recommended. If you experience software issues, such as App, eBook, or WiFi, with the device, you can visit the DISCOVERe Hub for assistance. If the device requires a physical repair from accidental damage, such as a cracked screen, then an extended warranty coverage would be needed. The technician at the Kennel Bookstore can assist in filing a claim with the warranty company.

The university will be offering a loaner program for students enrolled in a DISCOVERe Mobile Technology course for the Fall 2018 semester. Please click here for more information about the mobile device loaner program.

Yes, as long as your device meets the minimum specifications as outlined under the section "Required Device".

Yes, this is recommended to avoid wait times.