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If your class or instructor is not listed, we have not received an order. Try checking the website later.

"USED"-All titles default to "USED". This is not an indication that used books are available. We attempt to obtain as many used books as we can, but we are not always able to get them or our limited supply might have already sold out. If used books are available at the time your order is picked we will ship them. If used books are not available, the title will be deleted from your order.

"NEW"- If you select this option, a new copy will be shipped if available at the time your order is picked. The title will be deleted from our order if new books are not available.

When you purchase a book, you own it and are free to keep it or you can try and sell it back to us at Buyback. When you rent a book, we own it and you are only using it for the semester. You MUST bring it back to the Rental Return Counter by the end of the semester.


Rental books are a great option for students looking to save money on course materials. Our rental book program can save students up to 70% when compared to the new book price. With great prices, also comes good selection. For the Fall 2018 term we will be offering students more choices than ever before with over 1200 rental titles to choose from.

As mentioned above, the biggest advantage to renting textbooks is the lower cost. It saves you money up front. You must be a Fresno State student and present your student ID at the time of checkout.

Rental books must be returned the week of finals. This is not exactly a negative, but students must remember to return rentals on time (for rental books rented for this spring semester, the last day to return your rental books is Dec. 21, 2018). Rentals must be kept in good condition. Kennel Bookstore works with an outside company for all of our rentals. Excessive writing or highlighting or any physical damage to the book will not be acceptable. Physical damage includes loose pages, torn covers, any water damage, etc.

There are financial penalties for not returning your rental books. The minimum penalty is a $10 late fee. The maximum penalty is the replacement price of a used book plus a $10 late fee. The replacement cost will be in addition to the rental fee charged when you rented the book from us. We cannot accept late returns as per our agreement with our textbook rental partners as they require us to return their books immediately at the end of the semester.

If you lost your rental textbook you need to come into the bookstore within 90 days from the start of the Spring semester (April 17, 2019). You will have to pay the difference between the rental fee and the retail price of the book (new or used price). We will remove your name from our rental records.

When you rent a book from Kennel Bookstore the transaction is recorded with your student ID number and secured with a credit card. If you do not return the book to Kennel Bookstore by the last day of the semester, one and/ or both of the following will occur:

  • Your securing credit card will be charged the replacement price of a used textbook (our cost) plus a $10 fee.
  • Your Student Record will be put on hold and you will not be able to complete any other transactions on campus until the penalty is paid. This includes registering for classes, applying for graduation, etc.

Rental books can be returned at textbook buyback located on the main level of the bookstore starting on Dec. 14, 2018. You do not need a receipt when returning your rental books, but you do need your Fresno State ID Card. THE LAST DAY TO RETURN YOUR RENTAL TEXTBOOK FOR FALL 2018 IS DEC. 21, 2018!! THE LAST DAY TO RETURN YOUR RENTAL TEXTBOOK FOR SPRING 2019 IS MAY 10, 2019!!

You will need to bring the book to the Customer Service counter on the main level of the bookstore within 90 days from the start of the Spring semester (April 17, 2018). You will be charged the difference between what you paid (rental fee) and the retail price of the textbook (new or used).

Keep in mind that the price difference you pay is based on the actual book condition (new or used) that you rented from us.

  • REQUIRED - your professor indicated that all students are required to have this book for the class.
  • Sometimes different versions may be available and the student is REQUIRED to have one of the various listings. This may include:

    CHOOSE OLD or CHOOSE NEW - Students can choose between the old edition and the new edition.

    BUNDLE #1 OPTION or BUNDLE #2 OPTION - Students can choose between several options. These are usually either a bound textbook packaged with other materials versus a loose-leaf textbook packaged with the same materials. The difference is in the binding of the book and the price of the option. All other materials are the same. There may also be a choice between a Volume 1 Bundle and a Combined (volumes 1&2) Bundle. Students would choose the Volume 1 Bundle if they only plan to attend more than one semester.

    CHOOSE ONE OF THESE - Students can choose between a paperback and a hardcover, or between a bound textbook and a loose-leaf textbook. These books are not bundled with any additional materials; the difference is in the binding and the price. The choice might be between a textbook by itself and a textbook bundle, but only if the additional pieces in the bundle are not required for the class. And finally, there may be several books that the professor has selected. The student is required to have only one of these titles(not all of them).

    A LA CARTE - Students may not need to purchase a copy of the textbook because they may already have a copy of it, so we offer the other required pieces for sale seperately. If you are choosing to purchase the bundle, you do not need the A LA CARTE item.

    OPTIONAL - In an effort to help you succeed in your class, Kennel Bookstore has selected materials designed specifically for this topic.

Professors often include photocopied materials for their courses that are produced in the Kennel Bookstore Copy Center. These may cost anywhere from a few cents for a syllabus to over a hundred dollars for a large packet of copyrighted material. Photocopied packets are only available as "NEW". These packets can be identified by using the Course Number as the beginning of the title, (i.e., the course packet for MUSIC 187 is listed as Author: Staff, Title: Music 187 Listen to the Music). All Copy Center material is purchased on a Non-Refundable basis.

Textbook orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 hours depending on when your order is placed and product availability. Some orders may be delayed up to four business days if we are expecting a shipment for an out-of-stock title. Internet orders will not be processed on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays. Transit time depends on shipping method selected. Remember to add processing time plus transit time to arrive at an expected delivery date. In-stock items are billed and shipped via UPS from Kennel Bookstore. Back-ordered items will be billed and shipped when they become available. Second-Day shipments will be shipped within 24-48 hours, depending on when your order is placed and product availability. We cannot ship to PO Boxes. Shipping Methods listed below shows the average travel time from our store to your door. Remember to add transit time to our fulfillment time.

UPS Ground takes 1-3 business days after order processing within California. Cost is $8.50.

UPS 2nd Day Air takes 2 business days after order processing within California. Cost is $17.50.

Every term we collect textbook requests from the faculty. As soon as we have the information, we post it on our website (long before we may actually have the books). So if you place a textbook order early for processing, we will hold your order until most of the books have arrived from the publisher.

Books that are not included in the original shipment were not available at the time of shipping. Your order may be held for four business days if we are expecting shipment of an out-of-stock title.

Your credit card will have funds"put on hold" or put in a "pending" status for the amount of your order as soon as you place your order. Your credit card will actually be charged the day the order is processed. The dollar amount may vary from the pending (put on hold) amount to the actual charge depending on if the books you ordered are in stock at the time of processing. If you have any backordered items they will not be charged to your credit card until the item(s) are available and we process the backorder.

Textbook "PICKUP AT STORE" is available starting on December 26, 2018 through January 31, 2019. Textbook pickup at store option is a way to save you the shipping cost on orders placed on our website. Orders for textbooks may be placed on our website starting December 26, 2018 and then picked up at the Kennel Bookstore starting on January 14, 2019. When ordering on our website, select the textbooks you want to purchase or rent and then select "PICK UP AT STORE" as the delivery method. Allow 24 -48 hours for your order to be processed (not including holidays and weekends). You will be notified by email when your books are ready for pick up. The pickup location is on the course materials (upper level) of the bookstore. You are required to have picture ID to pick up your order. Credit card charges: Please see above "When will I be charged for my order?"

Click here to order textbooks.

For the Spring 2019, you can begin to order textbooks online starting on December 26, 2018. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for order processing (holidays and weekends excluded). Again, you will receive an email notifying you when your order is ready for pick up.

All pick up in store orders must be picked up no later than February 1, 2019. Textbooks not picked up by this date will be shelved and made available to other customers. For question regarding you order, back order status, etc. please contact us at or call us at 559-278-7696.

Internet order receipt dated on or after December 26, 2018. A cash register receipt dated on or after January 2, 2019 MUST accompany every return.

Return dates: January 2, 2019 - January 31, 2019: Full Refund

No returns after January 31, 2019

Purchases made with a check must wait 5 business days for cash refund.

A current Fresno State I.D. must be presented.

Textbooks must be in the same condition as when purchased.

New textbooks cannot be marked or defaced.

EBooks that have been activated through your computer are NOT returnable. Sorry, no exceptions.

Textbook Rentals - follows the same guidelines as textbook returns.


*It is encouraged to attend class prior to purchasing Copy Center materials.

Textbooks may be returned either by return shipment or at the bookstore.

Last day to return textbooks is January 31, 2019 without penalty.

Returns are accepted Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Fall 2018 Buyback and Rental Returns Schedule:

Bookstore Location (Buyback and Rental Returns)

Dec. 14, 2018

Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Dec. 17 - 21, 2018

Monday – Thursday: 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Textbook Buyback (For end of semester buybacks)

Kennel Bookstore buys back textbooks. Textbooks that are going to be reused on our campus next semester, and are in good condition, will be bought back at up to 50% of the used book price (some exceptions apply). Current edition textbooks that have not been reordered or are overstocked for our campus for next semester will usually have a buyback value to Used Book Wholesale companies. Those prices vary anywhere from 10-40% of the original retail price and are based on a nationwide demand for the book. Old editions, books in poor condition, and books with limited materials are not bought back. This could include a study guide, a workbook, another book, CD-ROM(s), etc. Most of these items can be repackaged and resold as used sets. It is a good rule of thumb to save everything in the package in clean condition if you want to sell them at the end of the semester.

All pieces must be in sale-able condition in order for us to buy them back. There are a few items that cannot be resold as used. These are called consumable pieces (meaning that their usefulness has been consumed by the original owner) and include access codes to websites and software as well as workbooks or study guides with written in pages or missing pages. If consumable pieces are required for the class, we may be unable to buyback and resell used sets for our campus. However, individual pieces may have wholesale value.

The national market value for a particular book may fluctuate a lot, based on the changing supply and demand for that book nationwide. If your friend received a higher value from the store and you got the lower national market value, then it was probably a matter of timing. The store may have already reached its campus quota (based on projected class enrollment for the next term) by the time you brought your book in.

Or, if you sold your copy before your friend, the store may not have received the instructor's book order yet and therefore could only offer the lower national market value at that time. The store cannot buy back books for resale on this campus until the instructor sends in his or her book order for the next term.

There are many reasons why a book might have no buyback value. The store and/or the wholesaler may have reached a preset quota. Possibly the book is not being used anywhere next term or has very weak national demand, particularly if it is highly specialized or customized. The publisher may be replacing the book with a new, updated edition next term. The book may be part of a required package of items that cannot be sold separately. Your copy may not be sale-able if any of the following conditions apply: broken or torn cover, missing or torn pages, excessive highlighting or marking, offensive marks, stains, water damage, or missing CD.

Used books are provided by the bookstore as a less expensive alternative for students. Paying more at buyback means the store would have to raise the retail prices of used books.

The store must add an amount to the price of all merchandise-including used books to help cover the stores normal operating expenses, such as staff wages and benefits; mortgage or rent payments; electricity, heat, water, and air conditioning; insurance and taxes; checkout systems; shelving; security; cleaning and repairs; supplies; and other expenses.

Kennel Bookstore also conducts a daily wholesale only buyback throughout the year at our Customer Service counter.

Four tips for selling your used books:

    1. Take good care of your books. Damage, heavy wear and tear, or excessive marking can make your books non saleable.
    2. Don't discard any reusable CDs or other materials that came with the book.
    3. Don't wait too long to sell. The end of finals week or the start of the next term may be too late - purchase quotas may have been reached by then.
    4. Newer editions are more in demand. Older editions already have a lot of used copies in circulation. Also, editions two or three years old may be on the verge of being replaced by new editions.



You can help us achieve this goal by encouraging your professors to turn in their textbook orders to the bookstore before buyback begins.

Kennel Bookstore also conducts a daily wholesale only buyback throughout the year at our Customer Service Counter.