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Buyback Information


Kennel Bookstore makes every effort to pay you the highest prices for your used books.  Please remember the price offered for a particular book can change without notice.


Buyback operates on a first come, first serve basis so be early to get the best price for your textbooks.  Kennel Bookstore places limits on some titles, depending on projected need for next semester.  Once that limit is reached, prices will change without notice.  If available, the remaining books will be purchased at a lower price which is determined by a private used book company.   In some cases, the private company will choose not to offer anything for the book as they determined it has limited or no resale value.


Kennel Bookstore’s buyback policy is to pay 50% of your original purchase price for books needed for Fresno State for the following semester.  If you see that your book is not being bought back at 50%, you can contact your professor and ask them if they are going to use the same book/edition and ask them to inform the bookstore so that we will be able to offer a higher price.


Thousands of titles that are not being used at Fresno State for next semester will still be bought back, but at a wholesale price, which is the price determined by a private company.   The wholesale prices range from 10-40% of the original price of the book.


Textbook condition is important.  Study guides, lab manuals, workbooks, books with excessive writing or highlighting may not be eligible for buyback.  Other books are sold only with new software; therefore books that no longer contain the necessary software will not be resold at Kennel Bookstore but may have a wholesale price.  Loose-leaf books are not eligible to be bought back.  Badly damaged and old editions will not be bought back.


Please bring your Fresno State student ID with you to Kennel Bookstore to sell your books.  Kennel Bookstore reserves the right to determine quantities needed and whether or not the book is in resaleable condition.